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Posted by | February 15, 2014 | Florida

Make Your Event Memorable!

Capture the intimate, hilarious, and unexpected memories with our affordable photo booth packages.

Make Everyone At Your Florida Event Famous With Photo Booth Rentals

A photo booth rental is an easy way to make every guest at your next event feel famous. No one has to actually be a celebrity at your wedding, prom or bar mitzvah to feel famous when taking pictures in a fun picture box. These prints are certain to become souvenirs of a memorable event they attended that everyone will cherish for years to come.

Renting a photo booth in Orlando is easy and affordable. Orlando photo booth rentals are set up by professionals who stand by, ready to ensure the event happens without a glitch. No one has to be a celebrity to get a special photo taken at an event, and no guest has to be a professional photographer in order to get his or her photos printed. Besides making each guest at an event feel famous, Photo Magic of Florida offers additional fun and entertainment. Guests get to choose from an array of photo backgrounds and then decide to print out the photos in strips or have them uploaded to a favorite social media website.

No guest of any party enjoys seeing unflattering pics of themselves after an event. With our affordable rental, this is something that virtually never happens as guests are in charge of deciding which print out and which pics to retake. Best of all, it all happens at the touch of a button and no special photographic skills are needed to keep the selfie party going.

Booths are easy on the hosts and hostesses when it comes to set up. There are different sized booths and different styled booths ready for any event of any size. There is a picture box you can rent that is sure to fit perfectly anywhere in the venue where it suits your event best.

The Best Orlando Photo Booth

When it comes to making a photobooth work with the party’s color scheme, there are no problems there. They come in different colors, too. If it is a blue scheme that works for a wedding, choose to rent a blue colored package. Anyone hosting a black tie affair can choose a booth in black to work seamlessly with the entire event all evening long.

The best part about renting for any type of FL party or event is the price. Our packages are designed for guests of all ages and keep them entertained and ready to document the fun they have had at your special event. The cost of a rental is affordable and, with the memories that everyone comes away with, the cost of any package is one that pays for itself in the joy it brings for years to come. Brides and grooms alike will appreciate the keepsakes that the printer gives each and every guest. Choose an affordable package to make everyone at your next event feel like a million-dollar star.

Photo Magic of Florida proudly services: Winter Park, Miami, Winter Springs, Sebring, St. Johns, Brandon, Pompano Beach, Tallahassee, Apopka, Bradenton, Cape Coral, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Hialeah, and St. Petersburg FL.

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